Entrepreneurial Strengths Research

Find what it is about entrepreneurial partnerships that make them prosper or dissolve, by collecting strengths data on entrepreneurs and their partners using the VIA Survey of Character Strength, to test a hypothetical algorithm suggested by the initial work on this research.
  1. Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.
  2. Get your business partner/co-founder to take the test.
  3. Copy and send your 24 strengths to me, Adrian Perez, at primevector@gmail.com.
  4. Get your partner to send their 24 strengths.
  5. Make sure to include whether you are profitable, making money, funded, or have made an exit.
  6. I will email you an analysis showing how well you match with your business partner, based on the algorithm I have developed, and an explanation of the algorithm.
  7. All data will be kept private.
My name is Adrian Perez. I am an independent researcher.

I went to Santa Clara University and studied Computer Engineering and Economics. Afterward, I got involved in the software startup world, and even started a toy company.

Because of my experiences with entrepreneurship I have an interest in how partners match and compliment each other. Developing a company is hard and takes a long time. Surviving that experience with your partner takes something special. I am looking for what composes that specialness.

If we could improve the chances of making a successful new venture by even a little bit, we would change the world dramatically.
Questions, help, etc? Email Adrian Perez.