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Djembe African Drum Ika’s site on Djembes Hand percussion African Drum
Art: Dance, Music, Paintings, Sculpture, … Yo Soy Hechicero/I am a sorcerer A video about Santería.
Dance & Drums

Ile Ife - The Arthur Hall Collection

The Arthur Hall International Dance Center and International Drumming Community.
City Percussion Drum and Percussion mailing lists A moderated list that covers all aspects of drums and percussion. Available as either a once-a-day digest, or a regular list (you get every message as it's sent).
  The Drums and Percussion Page  
  drum songs … into the mystic To study the history of the drum in Africa is to meet the Orishas, the gods summoned through the drums, led by Elegua, in the religion of the West African early slave coast.
You will also meet the griot, the sacred member of society who, in the oral tradition, was both the living book of memory and the town crier, passing the news and praising famous people and deeds. Includes drumming in Texas.
  Francis Awe and the Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble Ekabo! The Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble of drummers and dancers entertains and educates audiences of all ages about Nigerian traditions and culture through the use of music, song and dance.
  Odehe Center - African Dance & Drumming in Ghana Welcome to this representation of the ODEHE Center in Teshie, Accra. We hope you will find the information useful, and wish you a warm welcome to our program.
  Ommadawn's International Drum Circle Directory Welcome to Once and future home of the International Drumcircle Directory
Check back soon for the return of the International Drumcircle Directory, in its new online-updating version.
  Yao Tamakloe - African Dance and Drum Instructor African Dance: Expressions of Spiritual Energy.
  Yoruba Art in Wood and Metal * History * The Gods * The Kings * The God- King, Sango * Man and the Gods * Shaping: The Blacksmith * Cutting: The Woodcarver *
Music Music from Africa and African Diaspora The African Music Encyclopaedia. To hear about what's happening in African music around the world join the AfricanMusic maillist.
Commerce Bembe Records  
  Rick's Spiritual Botanicca Rick's Spiritual Botanica, Philadelphia's premier spiritual supplier and botanica. If you visit the City of Brotherly Love, we have several locations to serve your needs and now we are online! If you are planning a trip to Philadelphia, stop in to see us. We recommend that you call ahead if traveling from out of state.
  Lucky Mojo From mojos to freemansory :-)
IFA Foundation of North America Initiations  
Yoruba House Store  
Historical Notes, Background DJEMBE-L FAQ Overview of Santeria  
  A Structuralist Analysis of Puerto Rican Santería A Structuralist Analysis of Puerto Rican Santería.
  Bibliography of African Traditional Religion  
  Elegua Project in Cuba  
  Ile Axe Opo Afonja - About Candomble religion (pp. 9)  
  Santeria in America  
  Yoruba Art in Wood and Metal  
  Yoruba Ethnographic Archive  
Kongo Religion What is it and where is it practiced?  
  Inquices | Kimpungulu  
  Firmas, Veves, y Pontos Riscados  
  Ancestors & Inquices  
  InquiceWeb Main Page  
Organizations Ijo Orunmila (Home Page for Ifa) Spreading Ifa to All of Olodumare's Children. A gathering place for students fo wisdom and seekers of truth.
  IFA Foundation of North America  
  Caribbean Cultural Center/African Diaspora Institute A unique arts and cultural organization that celebrates, documents and shares the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spiritual and creative experessions of people from African descent throughout the world.
  Yoruba House - Soul of the African Drum  
Palo Introduction to Palo Mayombe  
  Initiation of a Tata into Palo Monte  
  OrishaList Index  
Voodoo Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary  
  Introduction to Vodun Vodun, also commonly called voodoo ... originated and is primarily practiced in ... Haiti. The foundations for vodun are the West African Yoruba religions ... . The word "vodun" derives from vodu, meaning "spirit" or "deity" in the Fon language Dahomey.
  New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum Chales Gandolfo, Curator and Historian, Owner and Founder.
  Voodoo Culture in the U.S. Bibliography  
  Voodoo Information Pages  
  The Voodoo Queen - Changes every visit Get a custom tarot reading with a Creole flare (different cards are drawn every time you visit).
  The Voodoo Religion  
  Voodoo - by Mambo Racine Sans But  
Reference Paul Seelig's Wonderful Web World  
  Links to Other Orisha Resources on the Internet  
  IRC Discussion of Oya  
  OS ORIXAS O Culto dos Deuses Africanos na Bahia, Brasil.
  Dictionary of Orishas  
  A Religičo dos Orixas no Mundo  
  Lucky Mojo From mojos to freemansory :-)
  Afrospirit-1 A private mailing list on African Traditional Religions for the discussion of traditional religious beliefs and practices of the various people in Africa.